AEUP Annual Meeting 2011

Frankfurt Book Fair
Wednesday, October 12th

The first Annual Meeting, held by the AEUP in Frankfurt on Wednesday October 12th, was attended by 20 people from 17 different member presses:

  • Academia Press, Gent, Belgium: Pieter Borghart
  • Bolzano UP, Italy: Elisabeth Frasnelli
  • Editions de l’EHESS, France: Anne Madelain
  • Editura Institutul European, Romania: Anca Dumistrecu
  • Firenze UP, Italy: Fulvio Guatelli
  • Göttingen UP, Germany: Margo Bargheer, Jutta Probst
  • Hamburg UP, Germay: Isabelle Meinecke
  • Innsbruck UP, Austria: Birgit Holzner
  • KIT Scientific Publishing, Germany: Brigitte Maier, Regine Tobias (Secretary)
  • Leuven UP, Belgium: Veerle De Laet, Marike Schipper (Vice-president)
  • MSH Editions, Paris, France: Emmanuelle Corne (Executive officer)
  • Museum Tusculanums Forlag, Denmark: Marianne Alenius
  • Northumbria UP, UK: Andrew Peden Smith (Executive officer)
  • Nottingham UP, UK: Ross Webb (member of the Board)
  • Amsterdam University Press, NL: Eelco Ferwerda (President)
  • Potsdam UP, Germany: Dagmar Schobert
  • Tallin UP, Estonia: Heli Allik

After a word of welcome by Eelco Ferwerda, the President of AEUP, all members attending the meeting present themselves and their presses to the group. It is interesting and also reassuring to learn that despite a great variety in set up, background and size between the presses, there is also quite a large number of common issues and concerns that we share. It is clear that the AEUP can play an important role for university press publishing by providing a platform where we can share information and together look for opportunities to strengthen the position of the European UP’s.

Marike Schipper presents the new website of AEUP (, which was launched only a couple of days before the Frankfurt Book Fair. This new website, based on Joomla, gives information on the structure and set up of the AEUP, features news items and updates on events and provides interesting articles and documents. The website will soon have a separate ‘members only’ section which requires a log in to access a ‘wiki’ where members can share best practices on common issues such as review procedures, setting up ebooks, and/or managing the relationship with a parent institution etc.

The larger part of the Annual Meeting is devoted to setting up a working group on e-book consortia. Eelco Ferwerda informs the members about a number of new initiatives for ebook platforms that are currently being developed especially for University Presses. At this moment, most continental University Presses are either too small and/or cannot provide enough content to enter in these consortia. Also the technical know-how required to enter negotiations with these larger consortia is not in all presses present. A working group from AEUP will start to chart the various initiatives known to us, compare the pros and cons of those programms and start negotiations for those AEUP-members who are interested in joining forces to enter the consortia as a group.

Another working group is set up to look at the posibilities of setting up joint stands at international book fairs such as Frankfurt and London. This years stand of the European University Presses, hosted by the German association of UP’s, seems to have been a great success for all participants and should hopefully be continued in following years.

The Annual Meeting is concluded by the election of a new Executive Board. With the current president Eelco Ferwerda and treasurer Denise Pierot leaving, there are two openings in the Board. It is decided that Marike Schipper who is currently Vice-president will take over the presidency from Eelco Ferwerda; and that Emmanuelle Corne, who is now Executive officer, will become Treasurer. This leaves one position open for a Vice-President, which will soon be elected from a number of candidates who volunteered for this post.

We can look back on an interesting, fruitful, and inspiring first Annual Meeting of the AEUP and we hope to continue and promote the dialog between the members in the coming months!

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