Questions and answers concerning the catalog

The aim of these FAQ is to provide the members of AEUP with information how to add data to the catalog.
A new video tutorial gives a  short description how to upload titles into the AEUP-Catalog with a csv file.

You can support us in creating a more elaborate FAQ section. Please feel free to contribute to the preliminary FAQ your questions, answers and experiences. Just open the link and get started.
Further questions? Contact us.

What are the first steps?
You are a member of AEUP and you want to add your data to the catalog. Then, we beg you to send the following informations to first:
– name of your publishing house
– link to your publishing house’s logo
– link to your website
– mail address (general address and/or contact address)
– short description
The administrators will add the data. After being registered, you will be able to edit the contact and and add other persons. You can also upload your publishing house’s data.

Do I have to do the data upload myself?
You do not have to, but you may: You can upload by yourself with your login. Follow “manage own titles” and your are invited to “add new title manually” or “upload new titles”. You can upload a standardised csv-File or Onix 2.1. In case you have any problems we can do the massive data upload for you. You simply have to provide us with your password. Please contact us.

How do I get my login and password to manage my profil as an editor?
If you follow the first steps you will obtain a mail from the administrator that provides you with login data.

How can I change my password?
Please hover with your mouse over Catalog, click Login and log in by using your email and your random password. After login, the search mask will open again.
Now choose Catalog > Account. On the right side there is a box containing your name and a pencil icon. Click on the icon. A web form opens which offers you the opportunity to change your password. You also can edit your personal data there.

There are some mistakes in my publishing house’s data. How can I update?
Please send the corrections to The administrator will do the work for you.

What is the underlying data model of AEUP?
AEUP has a common set of metadata:
Title, Subtitle, Autor (multiple), Editor (multiple), Publisher name, rights, Publication Date, Publication language, Pages, Illustrations, Catalog period, Keyword, BISAC Subject headings, Series title//number/ISSN, Publication format, ISBN, Price €//$$//Pound, URL, availability, abstract.

What fields of the data model are obligatory?
The following fields are obligatory: Title, Author/Editor, Publisher name, Publication date, language, BISAC, ISBN, price (either in every currency or at least in one).

Why is the data model so strict?
The strictness helps us to generate clean ONIX that can be exported. All members can benefit from good metadata that also may simplify co-operation with third parties.

Is massive data upload possible?
Yes. Your data can be uploaded via ONIX 2.1 or CSV (see example file).
Please note that uploading data via ONIX will not provide the catalog with the link to the publication.

What has to be considered when doing massive data upload?
ONIX must contain BISAC information. This international standard is obligatory. CSV must follow the exemplary file you can download here (see also reference in xlsx.

What do I have to consider concerning CSV?
Please note:
– character set: UTF-8
– cells must be formatted as text
– delimiter: semicolon
– column sequence must be kept
– do not delete column
– if column is not in use, please simply leave empty.
Please make use of reference files (csv file and xlsx file).

How can I upload my titles into the catalog with a CSV-file?
This video tutorial gives a short description how to proceed:

How can I update my titles?
Once you have imported your data there is no re-edit functionality at the moment. This will be possible in a later version of the catalog.
But you can handle this problem with the massive data upload functionality: Just make an upload with a corrected version of your data and all corrections will be added or transcribed.

Can I add my data manually?
Yes. Manual upload is possible.

How can I avoid problems with massive data import?
Several problems might occur. You can minimise the risk by approaching as follows: First of all you have to fill in all obligatory fields of AEUP data model. If you import with the csv-file you have to follow exactly the formatting of the reference csv-file (see also xlsx file). All other versions will cause problems. If you import data with Onix 2.1 with national subjects you will need first to transform them into international BISAC subjects. Note: for the German Onix 2.1 import processes we have underlined automatic mapping processes from WGS to BISAC so that you don´t have to do the mapping yourself.