Membership of the AEUP is open to all publishers belonging to or clearly linked to a university, a research institute or a learned society.

Modes of Membership

AEUP distinguishes between three kinds of membership.

  • Full membership, for publishing organisations belonging to or formally linked to a university, a research institute or a learned society. Publications must be subject to peer review.
  • Associate membership, for publishing organisations who are collaborating with, but are not formally associated with a university, a research institute or a learned society. Publications must be subject to peer review.
  • Patron membership, for organisations that provide the Association with financial support.

The main difference between a full and an associate member is the right to vote in the General Meeting. Otherwise associate members benefit from the same services and information as full members.


To become a full member of AEUP, the publisher must meet the following criteria :

  • to belong to or be formally linked to an academic institution (university, research institute or learned society)
  • to have a clearly-defined editorial policy
  • to apply selection and peer-review procedures
  • to give ISBN numbers and respond to all legal obligations regarding publishing
  • to sign contracts with authors
  • to publish a catalogue regularly
  • to have an organized system of (inter)national distribution for sales
  • to respect professional ethics in relation with authors, other publishers, and professional partners

Associate members need to meet all criteria except for the formal relationship with a university or research body. Instead they will have to have an established relationship with such a body.

To become a full or associate member, a publisher must submit an application form to the Board for approval.

If you are interested in becoming a patron member, please contact us.


As a member of the AEUP you are invited to attend the General Meeting to be held each year in the Autumn. This is a chance to meet fellow publishers and discuss important issues on our agenda. You are allowed to place the AEUP logo on your website. Information on your press will be integrated in the website.  Members are invited to upload their titles in the AEUP joint catalog, hence benefiting from its added value.
Furthermore, you are invited to take part in joint promotions such as a shared stand at international book fairs. Also we aim to organize an annual meeting with workshops and lectures about important topics in university press publishing.


Membership of the AEUP is subject to an annual membership fee, based on the number of publications (ISBN/ISSN) published by the member press in the calender year preceeding the year of membership.

  • 5 to 40 titles 125 euro
  • 41 to 200 titles 250 euro
  • over 200 titles 350 euro

The annual fee for patron members depends on their economic orientation.

  • non-profit: from 250 euro
  • profit: from 500 euro

The membership fee will be determined yearly by the General Meeting.