To become a full or associate member, a publisher must submit an application form to the AEUP Board for approval. In order to become a full member you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • to belong to or be formally linked to an academic institution (university, research institute or learned society)
  • to have a clearly-defined editorial policy
  • to apply selection and peer-review procedures
  • to give ISBN numbers and respond to all legal obligations regarding publishing
  • to sign contracts with authors
  • to publish a catalogue regularly/website with titles listed
  • to have an organized system of (inter)national distribution for sales
  • to respect professional ethics in relation with authors, other publishers, and professional partners

Associate members need to meet all criteria except for the formal relationship with a university or research body. Instead they will have to have an established relationship with such a body. Your membership is subject to the payment of the membership fee to the Association of European University Presses.

1. Download now:

2. Together with this form, the publisher should submit:

  • a recent catalogue a link to the website with titles listed
  • an official document stating the year of creation and legal status (association, foundation, limited company, department of university, or other)

3. Documents should be sent to: