European university presses play an important role in scholarly communication. The following statements declared by AEUP stress their relevance and position them as important stakeholders and partners of politics and research alike.

  1. European University Presses (UP) are here to make Europe’s diversity, especially its languages, cultures, and research disciplines, visible in scholarly communication.
  2. European UPs bring tangible benefits and services to their host institution, as well as to their authors, editors and readership.
  3. European UPs publishing programmes are firmly based on discipline-specific standards, quality assurance and rigorous review.
  4. European UPs share the mission of making scholarly communication visible. To make that mission possible, they practice diversity in their review processes, publishing policies and business models, as these reflect the needs of their host institutions.
  5. Access to scholarly communication needs to be as free and inclusive as possible to allow society benefit fully from research. Open Access and Open Science are the right means to reach this objective.
  6. To help society overcome both present and future challenges, the potential of scholarly communication in Humanities and qualitative Social Sciences needs to be unlocked to make their research results fully available to society. UP’s will benefit from adequate funding models and beneficial infrastructures (including governance structures) that help them to publish open access monographs in these disciplines.
  7. The Association of European University Presses (AEUP) and its members are and will continue to be essential partners in shaping the framework to achieve the above goals, whose effects will be felt in Europe and beyond.

Last update: March 2018

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