The Association of European University Presses (AEUP) is pleased to welcome Research Libraries UK (RLUK) as a new patron member.

Publishing in the Humanities and Arts to a large extent is taking place in university presses, especially in those disciplines communicating their research via the “long argument” – the monograph as the predominant publishing format – and in national languages. Among university presses, there are major players such as Oxford or Cambridge University Press. The majority of presses serving those disciplines however is rather small and specialised. Hence close collaboration within associations like AEUP allows them to pool resources (joint catalogue, joint Book fair presence), lobby and network with each other as well as with vendors and other stakeholders, plus stay in touch with current trends and developments.

John MacColl, Chair of RLUK stated:

“RLUK supports all forms of scholarly publishing, and we believe that a flexible approach is necessary. The monograph occupies a proud and distinctive place in the research library, with which it is strongly identified, especially for research in the humanities. As we move increasingly to online publication, and towards new business models for access to monographs on the web, it is pleasing to find that this enduring expression of scholarship is alive and well. We are very pleased therefore to work within the AEUP on the future form of and revitalized prospects for the academic book.”

David Prosser, Executive Director of RLUK, said:

“There is presently a great deal of dynamism in monograph publishing, both as format and as an organizing principle of doing research. Despite the challenges for the monograph and its publishers, several recent developments show that there is a healthy future ahead, if forces are joined and potentials explored. RLUK is very happy to support the AEUP as a player paving the way towards that future, for the benefit of researchers, students and the wider public. By joining AEUP, RLUK also signals encouragement of the library as publisher. There has been a call for experimentation in this area, and RLUK is delighted to take an active role through and with AEUP to promote that openness of approach towards monograph publishing in and for the sector.”

About RLUK: Research Libraries UK is a consortium of 34 of the largest research organisations in the UK and Ireland, including the three UK national libraries. Founded more than 30 years ago, RLUK has directly and indirectly sponsored some of the major free online UK resources in support of research. RLUK’s mission is to work with its members and partners, nationally and internationally, to shape and to realise the vision of the modern research library.
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