AEUP likes to welcome two new members from Germany and from Armenia. This is how the presses present themselves:

Heidelberg University Publishing from Germany:

The mission of Heidelberg University Publishing is to provide open access to outstanding academic publications. We see the opportunities afforded by digital publishing as a way to advance the visibility of research output beyond the confines of academic disciplines. For us, this means that we publish open access, follow a consistent e-strategy, use innovative digital publication formats, and ensure quality with double-blind peer review. In addition to electronic formats, we offer high-quality printed versions of all our titles. Our decision to accept a submission does not depend on its provenance, but on its quality. [source: website]

YSU Publishing House from Armenia:

The history of the Publishing House of Yerevan State University is closely linked to the activities that the Main University has been carrying out for the past more than 90 years of its existence. Throughout the past nine decades, YSU Publishing House has published more than 5,500 books. […] The journals, magazines and yearbooks published since the first years have highly contributed to the development of science. The representatives of the YSU Publishing House have always participated in the international book fairs held in Frankfurt, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Geneva and other cities. Most of the books published by the YSU Publishing House have won honorary awards. [source: cataloguewebsite]