The AEUP Board would like to thank all members for a wonderful year!

The highlight in 2019 was the 2nd AEUP conference in Brno, Czech Republic, 13–14 June 2019, (Re-)Shaping University Presses and Institutional Publishing, hosted by Masaryk University and Munipress.

Three new members in 2019

AEUP has now 41 members from 18 countries, and we welcome our three new members, Firenze University PressUniversity of Westminster Press and Ubiquity Press.

Let’s remember the purpose of AEUP

Looking back on this year, we should remember the purpose of our association. Its aim is first and mostly to develop and support relations between university presses in Europe through cooperation and mutuality, independent of economic conditions & business models.

AEUP should facilitate the diversity of members but also speak in one voice representing the members. The landscape of academic publishing is constantly changing and it is of importance for AEUP to take a stand. We should work on principles and promote bibliodiversity and horizontal alliances, see i.e. the Declaration from the 2nd AEUP conference.

Workshop on multilingualism in 2020

In 2020 AEUP will organise in cooperation with the Helsinki Initiative (LINK) on multilingualism, with ENRESSH and Coimbra University Press, in charge of OPERAS special working group on multilingualism.

Future events and networking

At the AEUP annual meeting in Frankfurt, we had the pleasure to have guests and representatives from the Latin America UP’s (Asociación de Editoriales Universitarias de América Latina y el Caribe). Among them were the president Sayri Karl Mitastein, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Peter Berkery, Executive Director for AUP (Association of University Presses), was also at the meeting and we hope for future joint events and missions with of both these two (and other) organisations.

We encourage and support networking between our members, which is one of the main purposes of AEUP. We need ideas from our members and for member presses to help organizing future workshops and conferences, and to engage on their own terms nationally and internationally.

The AEUP Board wish you all a glorious and a successful 2020!

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Greetings from the last AEUP online Board meeting, December 12 (attendees: Ivo Volt, Christina Lenz, Isabella Meinecke & Martina Dvořáková)