The crowdfunding campaign to support Ukrainian editorial staff went beyond its goals with more than 20.000 euros. It is enough to provide 11 scholarships to Ukrainian journals.  

Interviews with editors that SUES will support.

SUES offers help through mentoring, support towards DOAJ/DOAB inclusion and small scholarships to support day-to-day operations. The money collected will be divided into lump sums of 1500 euros for each journal or publisher. More about the evaluation process to be found here

“The Scientific Committee expresses its awe for the diversity and quality of Ukrainian scholarly journals. We see the current SUES actions as a temporary measure and a pilot programme for a more sustainable action. We call upon the European Commission and ministries of science of the European countries to provide funds for a more comprehensive support programme.”

SUES Scientific Committee

In the long term, the project aims at strengthening the connections and knowledge exchange to ensure the international presence and visibility of Ukrainian scholarly outputs.

Thanks to your contribution, Ukrainian editors will be able to continue to disseminate knowledge through the scholarly publications in Ukraine. As any other country, the Ukrainian society needs to have access to knowledge to strive, create, communicate, and prepare for a better future.

Thank you to everyone who donated! Please follow the SUES project for updates.