16–17 May 2023, Tallinn/Tartu, Estonia

Share your insights and challenges around institutional publishing and contribute to the upcoming 3rd AEUP International conference. Our conference aims not only to discuss how current rapid scientific, technological, political and security developments affect institutional publishing but mainly to provide a platform to do so in a very profound, personal and un-nervous way. 

Since the last AEUP conference, the world has experienced a global pandemic and a war raging on the borders of some of our members’ home countries, the likes of which Europe hasn’t seen in 70 years. But it is not only in terms of international relations that we are seeing these nervous times and major changes. We are also currently living in a time when technological changes are so rapid that they are sometimes difficult to keep up with.

Let’s take this opportunity to talk about how institutional publishing can best operate in these nervous times. How can we use the current situation to our advantage, how can we learn from it and how can we withstand the never-ending changes that are coming our way? 

We will have all the time we need to focus on the topics that worry us, for in-depth discussions, for profound networking with peers,  and for a lot of other extra-exchange… 

Program overview

  • Day 0 Monday 15th May (Pre-conference satellite event)

A “walkshop”: “Reflecting on academic publishing in the historic urban environment of the Tallinn old town” rounded with networking and dinner. 

  • Day 1 Tuesday 16th May 

Registration & Welcome

Keynote: Frances Pinter

Presentations & Discussions

Conference dinner

Topic headings for Day 1:

Scientific integrity in institutional publishing

We will discuss questions such as How open are we? How open is it safe to be in nervous times? How to maintain rectitude, publishing ethics, bibliodiversity in challenging times? How to cope with ethics and integrity infringements? How should we deal with AI in publishing, is it a threat to research integrity? How to ensure the best possible peer-review?

Balancing your publishing program with your profile and mission

We will deal with issues such as independence vs. interference (of funders, parent institutions and others), editorial decisions and integrity or policies of different stakeholders (publishers, funders, universities, readers).

  • Day 2 Wednesday 17th May

Keynote: Pierre Mounier 

Presentations & Discussions

Organised transfer to Tartu, Estonia

Topic headings for Day 2:

How to reach technical maturity

We will look at technical aspects of publishing such as persistent identifiers & platforms as well as learn how ongoing projects and initiatives on a European level can help smaller presses.

Visibility, networking and dissemination in the time of global crises

We will discuss the complex issue of visibility from different points of view: What does it mean to be an international publisher? How to get the content to the readers the most effective way and how to ensure that institutional publishing remains financially viable and sustainable? What challenges do publishers face in terms of dissemination?

  • Day 3 Thursday 18th May (Post-conference satellite event in Tartu) 

Visit of the University of Tartu Press, the largest academic press in Estonia

Discussions about library publishing and other topics at the University of Tartu Library


We accept contributions in the form of a presentation (20–30 minutes) or a “vignette” (short case study, 5–10 minutes). Please send us the title and a summary of your presentation (around 3000 characters) or vignette (around 1000 characters) to board@aeup.eu until 9 April. Please indicate to which of the four topics your contribution belongs. Your contribution is eligible if you are a member of AEUP, a member of a national/regional organisation for university presses or a recognised institutional publisher. We reserve the right to reject contributions from commercial publishers or service providers, especially if the eligible contributions already exceed the available time slots in the conference.  

We are very much looking forward to meeting all of you there!