The AEUP Board is proud to announce new cooperation with a view to provide a new catalogue service to our members based on DOIs. This project will promote best practices in metadata generation for optimal digital discovery. Automation technology and support for an attractive, up-to-date catalogue embedded within a global discovery environment of over 85 million records will be provided by our strategic partner, ScienceOpen.

“We are particularly excited about this project because it will showcase the importance of DOIs for books in today’s digital publishing environment and their value for citation tracking and alternative metrics,”

Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen CEO

The AEUP aims to increase the visibility of member presses and share knowledge and support about scholarly publishing. ScienceOpen will assist AEUP in their mission of knowledge distribution by providing cutting-edge publishing services and facilitating communication between members of the association and scholarly circles in Europe and beyond.

“AEUP’s collaboration with ScienceOpen enables our members to present the scientific books of their authors and editors within a powerful scientific network such as ScienceOpen. Readers will be able to identify connections among topics, author networks or cited work, no matter whether they show up in books, journals, articles, or other scientific content available at ScienceOpen.”

Margo Bargheer, Chair of AEUP

Many European university presses are at the cutting edge of FAIR and interoperable metadata. However, AEUP members who are not yet depositing DOIs for books and chapters can use the free BookMetaHub metadata management services to easily create Crossref-ready XML files. In addition, ScienceOpen can provide further support and paid services for customers who have specific needs or projects involving book metadata. This collaboration will help AEUP members to increase the digital reach of their publishing programs.